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Branding is important especially online.  A tight or strong product/service brand can bring untold profits to a business, while a loose or weak brand can lead to business failure.
So how tight or loose is your business brand? To find out, go through the checklist below and answer “Yes” or “No” to each item.
  • My brand name is short, understandable, and memorable? (Your brand name should spark interest, excitement, curiosity, and/or attention)
  • My logo looks professional and polished? (Your logo says a lot about your business. An unprofessional-looking logo will oftentimes undermine your whole business)
  • My business cards are attention-grabbing and  informative ( Your business card not only needs to be of strong and sturdy stock but also needs to be eye-catching and informative)
  • My website is eye-catching, fast-loading, SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly, feature-rich, and functional? (Your website is the centerpiece of your online marketing efforts.  As such, it not only needs to look good but it also needs to work flawlessly. Your website is your 24/7/365 representative of your business so it needs to represent your business well.)
  • I have a dedicated business phone line? (You can get a second FREE number through Google Voice)
  • I have a custom email address for my business? (To show that you mean business, you need to have an email that is part of your business. Free Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail will not cut it.)
  • I attach a strong email signature to my business emails that summarize what I and my business bring to the table? (At the end of each email you send out, there should be a strong signature that summarizes who you are and why people need to do business with you)
  • I am heavily involved in Social Media and have social profiles on all the major platforms? (If you are not on Social Media in force and advertising or mentioning your brand then you are not serving your business well)
  • I put on live or virtual events from time to time to drum up sales? (Live or virtual events can extend your branding and bolster the public awareness of your business.  Live events such as workshops and virtual events such as webinars can increase your business’s visibility and presence both online and offline)
  • I publish blog articles and/or press releases? (Articles and press releases are ways to grab a lot of attention online. These articles and/or press releases can demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field and also get your website ranked higher in the search engines when posted to social media or on your business website)
  • I have created and distributed marketing collateral?  (You need to reach out and touch or contact prospects on average at least 7 times before they agree to do business with you. Consequently, you must create and develop marketing collateral such as email sequences, white papers, brochures, flyers, infographics, etc. that you can periodically send out to keep your business in the forefront of people’s minds)
  • I have created promotional products and apparel? (Sometimes you need to bolster your sales by giving prospects and customers promotional items such as pens, caps, cups, t-shirts, etc. with your name, business logo, website address, etc. affixed. These items will encourage people to do more business with you)
  • I constantly tell my story of how my business came about and why? (People can relate to stories and that’s why stories engender sales. A good story can have people pulling out their credits to buy whatever you are selling. Stories help sell.

If you have not answered “Yes” to at least 80% of the above items then your branding needs attention as it is not as tight as it should be. Remember if your brand is loose your competition will eat your lunch and leave you the crumbs.
Branding is very important online so it should be a part of your marketing arsenal and marketing mix. If you need assistance with your branding just schedule a chat with me below and I will give you my best advice and guidance.